Restricted Substances

Analytical Testing Services 

Exposure to dangerous chemical substances from consumer products is of great concern to consumers, retailers, and law makers. With growing concerns about hazardous susbtances, consumer products are subject to a variety of regulations, standards, certifications, and requirements that go beyond the legal scope. 

Our extensive global network of analytical testing laboratories are staffed by experts with years of industry experience, including Ph.D. and Master Degree chemists, and are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation for detecting and identifying trace unknowns and contamination to ensure the product meets regulatory standards for market access and consumer safety. Our clients can determine their preferred testing location and benefit from the ability to manage the project in real-time while keeping costs to a minimum through customized testing protocols that are specific to your product categories.

At Eurofins | MTS, we help your products to fulfill international standards and requirements such as:

Sustainable Chemistry Services 

All manufactured consumer products contain chemicals and with such a reliance on them, it is important that the chemistry used is assessed to minimise the impact on people and ecosystems. 

Our Sustainable Chemistry Services have been designed by experts to help businesses navigate the ever-growing demand for measurable sustainability practices. This encompasses the design, manufacture and use of considered, environmentally-neutral chemical products and processes.  

To service the supply chain, our Sustainable Chemistry Services encompass a wide range of services, which includes: