Proposition 65 Compliance Pack

All companies doing business in the US state of California need to comply with Proposition 65 (The Safe Drinking and Toxic Enforcement Act, 1986). With over 900 chemicals of concern listed, California Proposition 65 impacts most textile and apparel products, making ensuring compliance difficult.  

The Proposition 65 Compliance Pack offered by our network of laboratories has been designed by our qualified toxicologists and specialist chemists to help support you through the challenges and complexities of this wide-encompassing legislation.  

Our service offering includes: 

Package 1: Basic settlement testing  

We can support you by testing textile and apparel products for all known settlement chemicals. These are chemicals which have been subject to a settlement case and can be tested to a defined limit. 

Package 2: Smart screening 

Conducted on either raw materials, chemicals or finished products, this is a screening methodology to quickly detect multiple chemicals of concern within Proposition 65. 

Package 3: Toxicologist support 

We conduct exposure assessments to support with warning requirements and determining “No Significant Risk levels (NSRLs) and Maximum Allowable Dose Levels (MADLs) in the absence of OEHHA-derived Safe Harbor Levels. 

We can work with you to design a valuable and cost-effective risk-based testing program using Smart testing principles. If chemicals are detected, we can provide a fully-comprehensive range of services around exposure risk and labelling, with a board-certified Toxicologist (via the American Board of Toxicology, a strict requirement to offer toxicological services within the State of California). Should results indicate the presence of controlled chemicals, then we can also support with supply chain engagement, root cause analysis and management of replacement chemistries.   

Get in touch today to discover how we can help you ensure all around California Proposition 65 compliance!  

Important factors of California Proposition 65

  • It is NOT a restriction of chemicals

  • It is a "warning" sign requirement

  • Lawsuits for violations can be initiated by the public/private enforcers

  • Over 900+ chemicals listed

  • Defending a lawsuit can be costly

  • It applies to virtually every product sold in California, U.S

New "Clear and Reasonable Warnings" label

  • Product "can expose you to" instead of "contains"

  • Yellow warning sign must be displayed

  • "Warning" must be displayed in all capital and bold letters

  • Name at least 1 listed chemical that prompted the warning

  • Internet address for OEHHA's new CA Prop 65 warnings website,

*New Warning regulation went into effect on August 30th, 2018 

Top 10 Product Categories for California Proposition 65

  • Health Care

  • Personal Accessories

  • Kitchen Merchandise

  • Sports Equipment

  • Lawn Supplies

  • Household / Office Furniture

  • Tools

  • Plumbing / HVAC

  • Beauty / Personal Care

  • Food / Beverage / Toabacco