Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a detailed information bulletin prepared by the manufacturer or importer of a chemical that describes the physical and chemical properties, physical and health hazards, routes of exposure, precautions for safe handling and use, emergency and first-aid procedures, and control measures. Information on a SDS aids in the selection of safe products and helps prepare employers and employees to respond effectively to daily exposure situations as well as to emergency situations.

Information Required for SDS - (16 Parts Per GHS and US Compliance)

  1. Identification

  2. Hazard(s) identification

  3. Composition / information on ingredients

  4. First-aid measures

  5. Fire-fighting measures

  6. Accidental release measures

  7. Handling and storage

  8. Exposure controls / personal protection

  9. Physical and chemical properties

  10. Stability and reactivity

  11. Toxicological information

  12. Ecological information

  13. Disposal considerations

  14. Transport information

  15. Regulatory information

  16. Other information, including date of preparation or last revision

Product Examples from SDS Reports

  • Paint

  • Pigment

  • Markers

  • Glitter Glue

  • Liquid Toys