MTS joins Eurofins as part of its strategic expansion in consumer products industry

04 November 2021

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MTS is excited to announce that we have joined Eurofins. Please see below for the official announcement and contact us for any further details or questions.

4 November 2021

Eurofins Softlines & Leather – Toys & Hardlines (Eurofins S&L-T&H), part of Eurofins CPT International Business Line, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Modern Testing Services (MTS), a full-service safety and quality services provider for the consumer product industry, as an integral component of its worldwide strategic expansion plan.

Eurofins S&L-T&H, comprised of a global network with a strong footprint in Europe, is an innovative and fast-growing services provider specialised in sustainability, quality and safety solutions for the textiles, leather, footwear, toys and hardgoods industry. MTS, having been firmly rooted in the industry for over 15 years, holds a high reputation and strong customer portfolios, especially in North America.

The acquisition of MTS will further accelerate the pursuit of the Eurofins S&L-T&H goal of becoming a top leader in the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) industry for the consumer products industry. Customers from both companies will enjoy an enhanced synergy from expanded global services network in more than 35 locations from over 20 countries, as well as more robust technical expertise from over 2,000 dedicated and knowledgeable employees worldwide.

About Eurofins Softlines & Leather – Toys & Hardlines

As part of the Eurofins Consumer Product Testing (CPT) International Business Line, Eurofins Softlines & Leather (S&L) and Eurofins Toys & Hardlines (T&H) deliver comprehensive quality, safety and sustainability solutions for textiles, leather, footwear, toys and hardgoods buyers and suppliers. Through a network of over 16 laboratories in Asia, Europe and the U.S. and multiple Technical Competence Centres., Eurofins S&L-T&H assist customers of all sizes in continuous product and supply chain improvement.

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About Eurofins – the global leader in bio-analysis

Eurofins is Testing for Life. Eurofins is the global leader in food, environment, and pharmaceutical product testing. It is also one of the market leaders in testing and laboratory services for genomics, discovery pharmacology, forensics, advanced material sciences and has a rapidly developing presence in highly specialised and molecular clinical diagnostic testing.
With 55,000 staff across a network of 900 laboratories in over 50 countries, Eurofins’ companies offer a portfolio of over 200,000 analytical methods. Eurofins Shares are listed on Euronext Paris Stock Exchange.

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About Modern Testing Services

Modern Testing Services (MTS) was founded in 2006 as an independent consumer products quality assurance company specializing in product testing, inspection, and QA/QC services. Today, MTS sets its footprint in more than 19 worldwide locations comprised of some of the most technically strong and innovative minds in the industry. The mission of MTS is to deliver accurate, efficient, and cost-effective technical services with the highest level of integrity to ensure the quality and safety of consumer products.