Juvenile Products

Parents constantly purchase a variety of products to feed, bathe, soothe, entertain, and transport their infant children. The most fundamental concern of all parents is the safety and protection of their children. As the juvenile products industry’s goal is to manufacture safe and quality products, Eurofins | MTS provides solutions to help our clients navigate the ever-changing juvenile products regulatory landscape. Design, mechanical hazards, and chemical analysis are among the many factors that are assessed in our holistic approach. Our technical experts ensure that product safety and quality are not compromised for the sake of design and that the product complies with all standards and regulations.

Eurofins | MTS partners with our clients to provide value added services. As a solutions provider, we understand the importance of providing support beyond the test report data. We aim to eliminate potential quality and safety issues throughout the entire supply chain to ultimately protect our children and the brand image of our clients.

Juvenile Products Categories

  • Infant Walkers
  • Carriages and Strollers
  • Hand-held Infant Carriers
  • Bassinets and Cradles
  • Toddler Beds
  • Full-Size Cribs
  • Play Yards/Play Pens/Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs
  • Bunk Beds

JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association)

JPMA is a US national trade organization representing the dominant majority of the industry, is solely dedicated for the quality and safety of juvenile products. Founded in 1959, the organization works with more than 250 companies associate with manufacture and distribution of infant products in America, assisting them to advocate for safety through product certification programs and legislative and regulatory involvement. As a proud member of JPMA, we run supporting labs for the program and strive to provide excellent services to ensure the quality and safety for all juvenile products. With a long history of experience and a global network of juvenile products experts, our skilled technicians conduct various tests to assure that the product meets the ASTM standards, CPSIA and client requirements. 

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Examples of Juvenile Products Standards

  • EN1888:2012 Wheeled Child Conveyances
  • EN1273:2005 Baby Walking Frames
  • EN14988:2017 Children's High Chairs
  • EN1466:2014 Carry Cots and Stands
  • EN716-1:2017 & EN716-2:2017Children's Cots and Folding Cots
  • EN12790:2009 Reclined Cradles