Testing Toys, Children’s Product’s, Child Care Articles, and Durable Nursery Goods

Consumer awareness of potential hazards relating to children's products, childcare articles, durable nursery goods, and toys, is at an all-time high due to multiple highly publicized product recalls over the last few years. Historically, since the Consumer Products Safety Commission was established in 1972, no other product category has been scrutinized as intensely as toys. Consumers, Government agencies, industry attorneys, Non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s), and multiple consumer advocacy groups around the globe have challenged legislatures to enact laws that would further protect its most vulnerable citizens, children.

MTS works closely with U.S. & international organizations such as the CPSC, CEN and BSI to help our client's wade through the myriad of both mandatory and voluntary testing specifications. Our highly trained staff is proficient in explaining the information in a practical and understandable way, building a foundation for a balanced risk-assessment decision making system.

In addition to being both ISO 17025 accredited and a CPSC approved testing laboratory, we are also a Notified Body Laboratory (NB number 2377) for the Europe New Toy Directive. The MTS team is proficient in ensuring compliance to various domestic and international standards and directives, most notably European Standard EN71, European Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EEC), ASTM F963, Canada Hazardous Product (Toys) Regulation and ISO 8124.


Amidst all product compliance testing required for toys, children’s products, childcare articles, and durable nursery goods, MTS can also provide the following added-value services:

  • Development of Testing Protocols: MTS regularly develops product specific testing protocols including regulatory requirements as well as applicable performance tests.
  • Potential Hazards Evaluations: A product specific technical consultations at the earlier stages of product development.
  • Age grading: Psychologist-established product evaluations based on child development factors incorporating domestic and international guidelines such as the European Commission, ISO, ASTM, Australian and Canadian standards.
  • Conformity Certificate Assessment: MTS can determine whether your laboratory certificates complies with European requirements
  • Post-testing Consultations: technical expertise offered to assist efforts in improving non-conforming product features identified during product testing

Arts & Crafts Testing

Distinguishing the differences between a hobby item and a traditional toy can be an arduous task. At MTS, our Arts & Crafts Division is dedicated to servicing this industry and providing indispensable guidance to help customers avoid “over-testing” their products. MTS engineers, technicians, and customer service staff have studied, trained, and analyzed a wide range of arts-and-craft products for years prior to working directly with customers.

Our technical expertise covers a wide range of arts & crafts products, including but not limited to:

  • Arts Supplies including paints and glues
  • Writing & drawing instruments
  • Scrapbooking and stickers
  • Crafting material and tools
  • Frames
  • Jewelry and beads
  • Seasonal and Floral decoration
  • Parties and gifts
  • Kid’s supplies