Softlines Testing

While trendy designs and unique colors may initially sell a garment, it’s ultimately the quality and safety that will ensure customer loyalty, generate repeat business, and preserve a brands reputation. MTS provides a complete range of product testing and quality assurance solutions for the softlines industry. Our extensive capabilities cover such areas as bulk fabric, preproduction garments, and children’s sleepwear testing, to home textiles, curtains, table cloths, bedding, upholstery and more. MTS will ensure your products are compliant with all applicable US and international regulations. In addition, physical, performance, and special claims testing with MTS will ensure the product consistently meets or exceeds your customer’s expectations. Our on-demand technical support in conjunction with accredited testing laboratories and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission approval will greatly minimize risk throughout all stages of production.


Some common testing criteria for fabrics, garments, household & miscellaneous textile items include:

  • Fiber Labeling
  • Care Labeling & Care Label Development
  • Colorfastness Evaluations
  • Dimensional Stability, Torque, Stretch & Recovery, and Shrinkage
  • Fabric Construction, Fiber ID, and Fabric Weight
  • Fabric, Garment and Seam Strength Tests
  • Compliance with US & International Flammability Regulations
  • Performance, Abrasion, Pilling
  • Special Claims, Waterproof, Windproof, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial