In recognition of the harmful effects that human activity can have on ecological systems, climate and public health, Modern Testing Services (“MTS”) is committed to softening our environmental footprint and promoting a healthy and sustainable environment. As one of the world’s leading product quality and safety testing laboratories, we have a responsibility not only to ensure that our clients’ products are safe for consumers but also to help sustain our environment for future generations. As such, we are committed to considering environmental issues in all aspects of our business.

We will strive to: be environmentally responsible and act promptly to correct conditions that endanger health, safety, or the environment; identify and purchase environmentally friendly supplies and services for all our daily operational needs; develop chemical screening test methods to get rid of chemicals in the supply chain; and minimize pollution and waste by reusing and recycling materials and conserving energy and water. In addition to awareness and participation with these voluntary efforts and industry best practices, above all, for any region where we operate MTS will continuously adhere to all local, state and federal laws relating to environmental impact and conservation.

These efforts will extend to our contractor and supplier relationships. We will encourage contractors and suppliers acting on behalf of MTS to meet our standards of environmental performance. We will inspire our neighbors to join us in our mission of sustainable development.

Employee understanding and involvement are essential to the implementation of this environmental policy. All employees will receive a copy of this policy and be educated about our company’s efforts to improve our environmental performance. Employees at all levels of the company will be involved in supporting our goals.